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ESO Zero is a mid rate international server of Ether Saga Odyssey. Zero means the origin for our dev team, our goal is to define a new Ether Saga world with lots of exciting features. Zero also means the new beginning to everyone who gonna start a new challenging  journey in our server, we will bring fresh new experiences to every ESO fans.

The Current Server Features:
(20160518 Updated)

1. Max level 135, 10x-40x EXP rate (10x for lvl.1-lvl.100, 40x for lvl.100+), 50x drop rate, 10x money drop rate, 2x quest EXP reward, 2x quest money reward. Enable Realm:Realm01(PVP), Realm06(PVE), Realm08(PVP), TW Realm.
I found that in the previous server, most of the players gave up before lvl.110, and only a few players continue to lvl.120+, so there are no many players have experienced the ESO Zero's custom new features, because most of the new stuff require high level. So from 2016 reopen, the level up speed after lvl.100+ become much faster.

2. Since 20160616 patch, we made some important tweaks on the quest flow of Class Change and AoE Ethyr.
Tweaks on
Class Change: We significantly reduced the difficulty of all the "Class Change" quests, the steps are the same, but each phased object has become extremely simple, for example: no more 49 lamps and 49 mins of waitting for Mystic, right now only 1 lamp and 5 seconds of waitting.
Tweaks on
AoE Ethyr: Except the Hellion and Maven, other classes' AOE Ethyr quest flow have been extremely simplified. The 28 quests in flow become to 1 quest only! Now, when you reach level 60 and start to do the class change quest, after you talk to the npc: "Ziola" and complete the 1st class change quest, you will recieve your AOE Ethyr quest, then just go to talk to the npc: "Lord of the Well", then it's done and you get your AoE Ethyr!

2. Offering free E-bucks by vote job system and forum EXP and online hours and other more methods. Click here to go to check the guide of How to get Free E-bucks in ESO Zero

3. Add Player Stats system, the ESO players can check most of their in-game activities in this system. And with this system, the player's PVP event data will be used for calculating a new propertie based on role: Warmonger PointWarmonger Point(WP) is generated in the PVP event only, it's a new kind of reward for the PVP winners. The PVP fight can give the winning player a number of WP depending on his level and the defeated player's level, and the winning player also has a chance to rob the defeated player's WP.

4. Add a new simple mod for better interaction between players called: Like & Dislike, everyone can use in-game chat to give "Like" or "Dislike" to the others. And in the Player Stats system, the player can see how many Like/Dislike he/she got from others. Click here to see the guide of this feature

5. Add GM Panel system, everyone can see GM team's in-game activity details in this system, and GM team can use this system to manage the ban list. This system will be helpful to GM team's staff changes.  

6. Custom Heaven Repository(cash shop).

(1) Add all the existing ESO fashion items to the Heaven Repository, including those disappeared cosplay sets which have been removed in official ESO.(Check the cosplay set's screenshots here)

(2) Add lots of upgraded flying and ground mounts to the Heaven Repository. Add many new custom mounts which are converted from other PWE games.(Check the screenshots of the new LoMA mounts)

(3) Add some custom lotto boxes to Heaven Repository. Add several new custom smiley items to the Heaven Repository. Set 50% discount on the Advanced Vitamins. Add some imbue stones to discount list. Lower the price for teleport expresses.

(4) Add tons of new custom fashion items into Heaven Repository, these custom fashion items are created by our players, thanks to them for bringing so many creative fun stuff to the ESO, usually we adds more new custom fashion items in every new update patch. Check this thread to join the discussion about the custom fashion, and check this thread to know how to create a custom fashion. (Welcome to submit your custom fashion works to us, just send the *.ski and *.dds files to, the reward is waitting)

7. Lower the crafting leveling EXP requirement to 1/20 of original. Set all the Crafting Recipes’ Exp requirement to 1/10 of original.

8. The overpowered evo pets have been modified to balanced level of strength. Evo Panda and evo Redridge have the same property and strength as the Oxen Ultera, and the growth of them will not increase the strength. Add the Fragranberry Pack to the Heaven Repository.

9. Change the max level limit to 150 for some official instances: "Monkey Gauntlet", "Twisted Moon", "Pit of Champions", "15 Minutes Stand", "Warcry: Battle of Xanada", "The Sacred Hunt". Set some bosses and mobs' level to 150. Add Apothecary and Stash keeper into the Future’s End and Future’s Finale, also set the SP rate to 4x for FF and FE. The max level limit of teleport to Dream Lost World has changed to 110. The players can get 2 Swords of Courage everyday. Removed the Culture point requirement for the +9 imbue service NPC which is in dungeon:The Sacred Hunt, replace it with reputation points requirement.

10. Add Silver Ingot to the drop list of the boss(level 60+). Add a new npc to Pokari, near by those Ingot Exchangers, provides the new service of ingot exchange for some high level Transform Cards. And the npc:”Ingot Exchanger Qien” in Pokari starts selling some low level Transform Cards for gold.

11. Enable the daily quests:”Daily Clock”and ”Fruits of Labor”, min level limit is 45, ppl could complete them after being sticky online for 2 hours. The reward is Sweep Tokens or Fruit of Work. Sweep Tokens can be used for exchange with some useful items, Fruit of Work can be used in the daily imbue event.

12. Add a new Daily +6 Imbue Event, it happens at 16:01 UTC-6(also it's 22:01 in London time), there will be a new boss called "Astral Warlord" spawned in Pokari City, after kill it, there will be a 50% of chance to spawn the +6 Imbue NPC: Sky Smith Jin.
And added 2 more Astral Overlord invasion events for every week, 1st one will happen in the Wednesday at 17:00PM, 2nd one will happen in the Sunday at 15:00PM. There is a server clock on our homepage, you can watch it in anytime.

13. Fashions, Mounts, Flights can be upgraded with some specified items, including the Carbon Fibre, Silver Ingot, Relic Orb(Lost Island), Material items from the Cube. After the upgrading, these items will obtain better stats and faster speed. We add specified tag to the item name for identifying its level, e.g a fashion item usually has 4 levels could be upgraded to, there are 4 tags:"☆", "★", "○", "▲" expressing each level. And remember this, the upgrading operation always has a chance to fail, if you plan to upgrade your fashion/mount/flight, remember to use the "Ancestral Crystal" or "Elements Charm" to increase the success rate.

14. Add a npc:"Newbie Guide Chang-e" and several new quests to help the new players to learn the main features of our server. Add a new custom npc:Gospel Young Disciple, he is near by the npc: Ziola in Pokari. He is selling some level 60~90 equipments and imbue item for new players.

15. Bring back the old embrace animation from Ether Saga Online. The Pokari City is having some new background music, also it's in snow since the 2014 new year. We also added some new transform cards for fun, which can be obtained from the loot of the Pokari boss, you can become to a dance girl and perform a complete korean style dance with gorgeous lights and music. And we added tons of new fireworks into the npc shop in the Pokari City, you can buy them for fun.

16. Add a custom band scene in the center of the Pokari City. The npcs in this band are providing some custom exchange service or quests. And there are 2 bosses wandering in the Pokari City. They have very low AP but ultimate high HP, hunt them down would bring some good loot, including some lotto boxes, and "JD Token", "Smiley Token". You can use the new token items to exchange for some new custom mounts or the new smiley items.

17. The new npc:Quiet Lucy in the Pokari City is providing the teleport service for entering the new custom maps. In ESO Zero, until right now, we already have created 5 new custom open regions, 4 new custom dungeons(adventure map).
5 new regions are:
(1) The Wildlands
click here to see the guide
(2) The Cubeclick here to see the guide 
(3) Classic Pokari City
click here to see the guide
(4) The Billowsclick here to see the guide 
(5) Kunlun Wonderland
click here to see the guide

The 4 new dungeons are:
(1) Lost Island
click here to see the guide
(2) Wildlands Dayclick here to see the guide
(3) Classic Pokari PVP Battleclick here to see the guide
(4) Escape from Billowsclick here to see the guide

18. Add some special weapons in the npc shop(Pokari City), upgrade these weapons will cost billions of SP, so you can use them to fix the extreme high SP problem. And for fixing the problem of "overlimit gold in bag", we added a new item:"5k gold" in the npc shop.

19. In ESO Zero, there are several new custom gear sets for high level players:
Level 120 armor set – craft these gears with Genesis armor pieces and some material items from the new map: The WildLands
(2) Level 120 weapons – craft these weapons with Genesis weapons and the material items from the new map: The Cube
(3) Level 130 armor set – craft these gears with level 120 armor pieces and some material items from the new map: Kunlun Wonderland
(4) Level 130 weapons – craft these weapons with level 120 weapons and some material items from the new map: The Billows

Tired of reading? Let's have a break, watch some fun ESO videos, I choosed some Award-winning videos from ESO Zero 1st and 2nd Video Contest events:

The Lonely Assassin – by sailormoon1997

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For the new ESO players, here is the official trailer:

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