Changelog of 20130708 update

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According to the players’ suggestions, we made some modifications for the game.

20130708 Changelog:
(Before you implement this auto update patch, make sure you are using Beta 1.1 client, or Beta 1.0 client+Urgent manual patch V2.)
1. Lower the crafting leveling EXP requirement to 1/20 of original.
2. Add 2 monkey smiley items to the cash shop.
3. From now on, evo Panda and evo Redridge have the same property and strength as the Oxen Ultera, and the growth of them will not increase the strength.
4. Set 50% discount on the Advanced Vitamins in the cash shop.
On server side:
1. Fix the no mobs bug for the Twisted moon instance.
2. Add 5 more Realms for test.

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