How to get E-bucks in ESO Zero (20181105 updated)

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We provide several ways for the players to earn the E-bucks.

1. The Vote Job system:

By voting for our server, you could help our server be more popular, and will get E-bucks as reward. We call it "Vote Job", that means you take the job and do the vote, then you get reward. It's a very simple task, just open the vote page, then input the correct captcha code and click the button to submit your vote, and let our program to do the others. Now let me explain how it works:

Open the launcher.exe in the client folder, u will see a button called “Vote Job” on its interface:

Image 2

Click this button, it will open a new pannel. First, you need to input your username into the edit box, then choose an available job and click the job button:




Each valid vote will bring you 6 E-bucks as job reward, and there are several different vote jobs you can do, but each vote job can be done for once only in every 24 hours.


2. Daily Share Job:

Daily Share Job is for sharing your exclusive invitation URL and our server’s link on your Facebook everyday, it will bring you some free E-bucks everyday. It’s very easy to complete, click here to read the guide in steps


3. Convert Forum EXP to E-buck:

Go to our forum, log in with your Passport ID, you can join the community on the forum, then the forum system will give you some forum EXP as reward for most of your actions, like post new thread or reply the thread, or complete the forum tasks(there will be more and more interesting ways for earn the forum EXP). The forum EXP is like the money unit for the forum system, you can check your forum EXP stats in this page:


Now I will tell you how to convert the forum EXP to E-bucks in the game. First, open the Magic Shop of the forum, you will see there is a magic card called "E-buck":


Buy one card, then open your magic box, and click the "Use" button of this card:


Then follow the instruction, select the right server and enter the number of E-bucks that you want to exchange, and click the "Use" button. Then the forum will exchange your forum EXP to E-bucks and send to your game account.


For now, the rule of the forum is, post a new thread will get 2 forum EXP, and each reply will get 1 forum EXP. And if your thread is a nice gameplay guide for Ether Saga, the forum mod will reward you much more forum EXP for your contribution. Also your guide thread will be moved into the Library section on the forum. The nice share or any other helpful threads will also be rewarded with some additional forum EXP.
And another tip: Take part in the Polls in the POLL CENTER, voting will bring you a good nubmer of Forum EXP as reward, and your vote can help us to decide the staff changes of the GM team.


4.Forum Task Center:

After introducing how to convert your forum EXP to E-bucks, now I will tell you how to earn a bunch of forum EXP everyday without making spam on the forum(spam is now allowed, don't do that). There is a Task Center on the forum, there are lots of interesting tasks that you can do everyday, and this could bring you lots of forum EXP:
Except the first 2 tasks, the other tasks usually require you to complete some specified in-game quests, it means you can earn the free E-bucks by doing the quests in the game, that's actually what you do in the game, and these forum tasks are Repeatable, you can apply for doing them everyday. Don't you think this is a very cool feature? And we will add more and more forum tasks into the Task Center, you should login the forumn to check the task list everyday before login into the game.


5. Online hours convert to E-cent automatically:

Open the the convertion service, and choose to enter the “Online hours -> E-cent“, then you will see how the server convert your online hours to E-cent.


6. Donate for us:

The Donate module is available in the forum, click here to open the donate page. It looks like this:

You will get Contribution points after you donate, and the current rate is 1 USD = 10 Contribution points. And you can convert the Contribution point into the E-buck with rate of 1:1. The convert way is same as above: buy the same magic card in the Magic Shop, and use it to start the conversion process, select the "Contribution => E-buck":


7. Get E-cent by giving Like & Dislike

Since the 2016 new server come online, I add this new feature for the game: "Like & Dislike". You know on Youtube, the ppl can give this simple comment on any videos: Like or Dislike it, and our feature is very similar to it, you can give such comment to the other people in the game. If you like someone, you give him/her a Like, if you hate someone, give a Dislike to him/her. And giving Like/Dislike can bring you some E-cents. You can check your Like & Dislike history in the Player Stats module, and you can see how many E-cents you got by giving.
To know how to give Like/Dislike, click here to read the detailed guide.


More ways to get free E-buck will be coming…


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