20130712 Update Changelog

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20130711 Changelog:
1. Add lots of new fashion stuff to the cash shop, and that should be all for the latest ESO version.
2. Add lots of cosplay fashion stuff to the cash shop, which had been removed in official server. Check the category: Promotional-Fashion.
3. Adjust the drop rate: Lower the multiple to appropriate level for normal/elite mobs. Increase the multiple by x1.2 for all the boss.
4. Sync all the equipment data with official ESO latest version. (Also synced the other data, including the drop list, but donno whether the level 130 set works or not, need test and feedback)

NOTE: When the auto updater complete the downloading files, another patcher program will pop out, just follow the hints on it and complete the patching:


Some screenshots of the new added fashions:

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