20130715 Update Changelog

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20130715 Changelog:
1. Add more flying and ground mounts to the cash shop.
2. Fix the invisible fashion bug for some players.
3. Change all the mobs’s level to 110 in Pit of Campaign, and display correctly.
4. Fix the drop lists, and update the drop multiple.
5. Set Redridge Drake’s level to 120.
6. Add Apothecary and Stash keeper into the Future’s End and Future’s Finale.
7. Set all the Crafting Recipes’ Exp requirement to 1/10 of original.

NOTE: When the auto updater complete the downloading files, another patcher program will pop out, just follow the hints on it and complete the patching:


If your client got problems after the patching, you can try to use our latest Manual Patch to fix the problem.

Some screenshots of the new added mounts:

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