20130722 Update Changelogs

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20130722 Changelog:
1. Add Silver Ingot to the drop list of the boss(level 60+), will make a detail list for the bosses who could drop the Ingot.
2. Add a new npc to Pokari, near by those Ingot Exchanger, provides the new service of ingot exchange for some high level Transform Cards. And the npc:”Ingot Exchanger Qien” in Pokari starts selling some low level Transform Cards for gold.
3. The max level limit of teleport to Dream Lost World has changed to 110.
4. The players can get 2 Swords of Courage everyday from now on.
5. Enable the quest:”Daily Clock” for July to August 31th, min level limit is 45, ppl could take it after being sticky online for 2 hours, and this quest could be taken for 3 times per day. The reward is 1~4 Sweep Tokens, amount is random, good luck. (need some feedback for this quest’s availability)
6. Add more new custom mounts to cash shop, which are converted from LoMA(another pw game). Also fixed the invisible bugs for Golden Dragon and Chilopod Array I.
7. Add some imbue stones to discount list in cash shop. Lower the price for teleport expresses.
8. cn.esozero.com is online and available for the Chinese language version.

For the boss list which will drop the Silver Ingot, check my guide in the forum.
NOTE: When the auto updater complete the downloading files, another patcher program will pop out, just follow the hints on it and complete the patching:


If your client got problems after the patching, you can try to use our latest Manual Patch to fix the problem.

Some screenshots of the new added mounts:

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