Beta 1.2 Released

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ATTENTION! This update is not implemented on auto-update system, if you are using our beta 1.1 client, then you must upgrade your client to beta 1.2 by manually install the beta 1.1 to 1.2 Manual Patch.
Click here to get the Manual Patch’s download links, and check the installation guide.
Also you can choose to download the new Beta 1.2 full client without doing any patching.

Beta 1.2 Changelog:

1. Max level limit changed to 125.
2. Set Realm1 to PVE.
3. Increased the SP rate to x4 for mobs in Finale’s End and Finale’s Future.
4. Add a new custom npc:Gospel Young Disciple, he is near by the npc: Ziola in Pokari. He is selling some level 60~90 equipments and imbue item for new players, and Angelic Bells, Astral Chart.
5. Add a new item “Carbon Fibre Material” in cash shop, could use it to upgrade those fashion items which have no extra stats, and only for cloth, shoes and head part.
6. Add the Fragranberry Pack, and some new lotto boxes to cash shop. Add some new custom LoMA mounts to cash shop. Cleared up the Promotional category.
7. Increased the drop rate to original rate x5 forConcretion Grass“, “Concretion Vine“, “Concretion Wood“, “Concretion Jade“, “Concretion Bamboo“, “Concretion Branch.
8. Fixed the error item bug for transform card: “Dragon Boat Card“.
9. Optimized vote job program on launcher, trying to fix some issues of loading the’s vote page.

Some screenshots of the new custom LoMA mounts:

New Custom Features:

10. Add a new custom set of armor, called “Titan Set“, requires level 120, with better stats than Genesis set. And added the related material items or recipes.
11. In Realm5, Realm6 and Realm8, opened a new custom map: WildLands, based on JD’s WILDLANDS. Add new custom bosses, custom mobs, custom quests in there.
  (1) Enter the WildLands from NPC:Quiet Lucy, she is at Pokari, near by the NPC:Dispatcher Chun. The entry requires min level 105, and cost 100 Gold.
  (2) There are 5 big bosses in WildLands, very tough, they are located in the west, northwest, north and one is just outside the WildLands Sanctuary, walking around. And each of them will respawn in 8 hours after being killed.

(3) The normal mobs in WildLands are outside the Sanctuary, they are surrounding the whole Sanctuary. And another part of the force are distributed along with a long path in north. There is a mobs killing quest you can take in the Sanctuary, just talk to the NPC:Injured Bandit Chieftain.
  (4) The bosses and mobs in WildLands are all level 150. They will drop the new material items for the new level 120 Titan set. The bosses could drop many rare stuff, including the Genesis gear piece and Genesis weapon.
(5) When a boss is nearly being killed(HP reachs a specified value), it will drop many “Genesis box” around him. Those boxes requie the “WildLands Key” for openning. “WildLands Key” is the reward item of NPC:Injured Bandit Chieftain’s killing quests.

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