20131005 Update Changelogs

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20131005 1st update Changelog:
1. Add a new custom dungeon: WildLands Day, for level 120+ players, available in Realm06(PVE) and Realm: "Zero Beginning". The required map item can be obtained from npc: Mapkeeper Ming for once everyday. This dungeon requires 3~6 players to form a team for entry. In this dungeon, you must remove the siege of the Sanctuary in the WildLands, and defeat the boss – Anubis, to change the dark destiny of the mortals. You will find some mysterious material items in the battle, you can use them to enhance your Lv5 Rings and Necklace. A detailed guide of this dungeon will be released later…
2. Set the Max Level to 130.
3. Add more custom fashion items which are made by our players: -Classic-, CopyLeft, Annapple, Tyroian, Coco, merani.
4. Updated the level limit of the "Celestial Egg" quest.
5. Expand the attack range and argo time of the Cube bosses. 
6. Unlock the solo mode for the new dungeon: WildLands Day.
7. Change the quests of the Lost Island to team share mode.

Click here to see the Guide of the new dungeon: WildLands Day

Some screenshots of the new dungeon:
2013-10-06 11-50-16

2013-10-06 11-47-06

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