20131023 Update Changelogs

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20131019+20131023 Update Changelogs:

1. Realm01 adds a new map – Classic Pokari City. Everyone can teleport to there with NPC: Quiet Lucy's transport service, or buy the teleport item in the cash shop. (Note: This map is only available in Realm01 by now)
2. There will be a monster siege event at 19:30(UTC-5) everyday in the Realm01's Classic Pokari City
In the beginning, 2 groups of mobs will start to invade the city, then at 20:00, 1st boss "Mad Lucy" will arrive to the city, when she is near to die, she will summon the 2nd boss "TREX", after the TREX is defeated, +7 and +8 imbue service NPC will have chance to arrive. The +7 imbue service NPC's arrival chance is 50%, and the +8 imbue service NPC's arrival chance is 30%.
The +7 imbue service requires these items: "Fruit of Work"x1, "+7 imbue orb"x1, "Silver Ingot"x25. 
"Fruit of Work": Obtain it from quest: "Fruits Of Labor", it's an auto daily quest, requires level 90+ and 2 online hours.
"+7 imbue orb": Obtain it from the loot of the boss:TREX.
The +8 imube service requires these items: "Fruit of Work"x1, "+8 imbue orb"x1, "Silver Ingot"x100. 
"+8 imbue orb": Obtain it from the npc:Quiet Lucy in the Pokari City, but need you to collect some "Pokari Winner Proof" for exchanging.
3. Add more JD mounts.
4. Add more custom fashion items which are created by our players: -Classic-, CopyLeft, Annapple, Zarek.
5. Add more custom smiley items, and fix the bug of the Monk smiley.
6. Increase the amount of the loot for the bosses of the Cube.
7. Add a new dance girl transform card – "Sun That Never Sets".
8. Add re-roll rules for all the custom fashion items, now you can use the "Jade of Fashion" to rebuild the attributes of the custom fashion items. 
9. Lower the difficulty of getting the Titan armor and weapon, the drop rate of the related mats have been increased for WildLands and Cube bosses.

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