Classic Pokari PVP Battlefield Guide

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In the 20131106 update, we added a new custom dungeon: Classic Pokari PVP Battlefield. It's for level 110+ players, and the entry item can be obtained from npc:Mapkeeper Ming for once everyday. There are 2 sides in the battle that you can choose to join one of them: Heaven or Demon
get the map item

When this adventure is open, DO NOT click YES to teleport into the battlefield immediately, you must waif for a Red Annoucement showing up before enter the map:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131117184925

And this battlefield dungeon requires 4~6 players for each side before open. The goal for both sides is to eliminate the opposite side's final boss, who gets it done first, then who can get the win.

(1) When you and your team enter the battlefield, 1st thing to do is to talk to the Supervisor NPC, and accept all the related quests:
 Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131113134500 Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131113131422
(2) When the battle started, both sides need to start to kill the attacking mobs, after killing 30 normal mobs(Demon Tauren or Celestial Sword), the elite mobs will come for reinforcement. After killing 3 elite mobs(Nirvana[D] or Titan[H]), the final boss will come(Undead Queen[D] or South Heaven Queen[H]). Strike down the final boss to win the battle, then go back to talk to the Supervisor NPC for getting the reward. The reward includes Relic Box, Pokari Winner Proof(will be very useful in the future update), PVP Winner Box(a new lotto box, open it to get RisingTide Feather, upgraded mount/flight/fashion items), Relic Orb(20% of chance to get one).
(3) Besides the reward from Supervisor NPC, PVP score will also bring some reward. Kill the enemy side's players in the battle to get the PVP score, 1 kill=1 pts, more pts leads to more reward. The reward includes Dominance Point, JD Token, PVP Title Piece(can be used for crafting a new title), Relic Orb.
(4) In the battle, you can get some Sacred Silver Chest from the mobs drop, use them to trade the Dragon Bronze Coins at the npc:Profiteer Supplier, then use the coins to buy the buff pot:
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131113131602
And kill the players can get the Irised Celestial Gem, use it to trade the Dragon Bronze Coins at the npc:Profiteer Supplier.
(5) There is a npc:
God of Fusion near the palace, he offers more better buff pots:
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131113144814
(5) There are some magic traps in the battlefield also could give you some buff. And try to open the Battlefield Mystery Chests at the center of the Pokari:
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131113145221 Unnamed QQ Screenshot20131113145235

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