Beta 1.4 Released!

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We released the 20131125 update patch for all beta 1.3 client users, and this patch will upgrade the client to beta 1.4 version. And we also released the manual patch for client update from beta 1.3 to 1.4, and the beta 1.4 full client pack. Please click here to check the beta 1.4's release thread on the forum.

The Beta 1.4 version's main features will be focus on bringing more custom gameplay content in 2 new maps: "The Billows" and "Kunlun WonderLand". These 2 maps are converted from PWE's JD. 

20131125 Update Changelogs:
1. Add the mini map images for Lost Island which are created by -Classic- and official ESO.
2. Delete the bugged wing: "JD Swan Wing", if you have already obtained one, then you can use it to craft other JD wings in the Forge.
3. Add some new custom fashion items which are created by -Classic- and Annapple.
4. Fix the bug of "reward item go into the quest bag" for Classic Pokari PVP Battle's related quests.
5. Add the valor point reward for some high level maps' quests. Includes: WildLands quests: "Hunting the Vampire Duke(1000)", "Hunting the Merman Elder(1000)", 'Hunting the Kunercang(1000)", "Hunting the Lost Mummy(2000)". And the Cube quests: "Kill the General(2000)". And the Classic Pokari PVP Battle's quests: "Hunting the Sura(250)", "Self Force(500)", "Extraordinary Guardian(300)", "Hunting the Boss of Heaven/Demon(1000)", and the winner team of the battle will obtain extra 1000 valor points, also getting the PVP kills will bring more extra valor points.
6. Upgrade the client to Beta 1.4, add 2 new maps for all PVP Realms: "The Billows" and "KunLun WonderLand", they are empty and only for sightseeing now, we will add more custom gameplay content into these 2 maps. Talk to the Quiet Lucy, she will teleport you to "The Billows". And there is a gate to enter the "KunLun WonderLand" in the WildLands. 
7. Fixed the zero buyer credit bug.

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