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MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ESO PLAYERS!!! We prepared a X-mas event for the ESO Zero, hope you can have fun with this event in the Xmas holiday:

1. The Xmas event on ESO Zero will start from the server clock's Dec 23th 12:00, and will end at the Dec 30th 23:59.

2. In the Realm01(PVP) and Realm:Zero Beginning(PVE), the Pokari City will snow, and a big Snowman boss will arrive to the Pokari. His respawn interval is 8 hours, there will be a red annoucement when he arrives. 
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3. After the players defeat the Snowman boss, 2 super imbue NPCs will arrive to the Pokari, they will stay at the band scene and provide +8 and +9 imbue service for 10 minutes. But before you use their imbue service, you must make sure you have obtained all the required materials.
+8 imbue service will require: Silver Ingot x100, Fruit of Work x1(from daily quest), +8 Imbue Orb x1(from the loot of Snowman boss).
+9 imbue service will require: Silver Ingot x150, Fruit of Work x1(from daily quest), +9 Imbue Orb x1(craft it with +8 Imbue Orb, X-mas Coins, Silver Ingot).   
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4. In all the PVP Realms(Realm01, Realm05, Realm08), the new map – KunLun Wonderland is open for all the level 75+ players. You can teleport from npc:Quiet Lucy at the Pokari City. Lots of Snowman mobs will spawn in the KunLun Wonderland, defeating them will bring you some special stuff:
(1) 5 valor points for each kill, and the snowman's killing limit is 25000, not 5000.
(2) The loot includes X-mas Coin, X-mas Lotto, 
Superior Mana Potion.
The X-mas Coin can be exchanged for some cash shop items, and "The Jade of Creation", "Jade of Dragon", go to the Pokari and find npc:Bassist to do the exchanging.
The X-mas Lotto can bring you some fun X-mas fireworks and some rare items, including "The Jade of Creation", "Relic Orb", "Genesis Token", "Dragon Token", "X-MAS Mount Token"(exchange it for the special Xmas mounts from npc:drummer), "X-MAS Pet Token"(exchange it for the special Xmas pet from npc:drummer).
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Special Xmas mount:
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