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Kunlun Wonderland is a custom new map for ESO Zero, it's a beautiful land in the sky, we put lots of challenging gameplay content for this new map, the level 115+ players can go there for farming some essential material items and craft the new level 130 armor set: □Titan set.

Map Guide:

1. Enter the Kunlun Wonderland from The Wildlands or using the teleport service of NPC:Quiet Lucy at the Pokari City.

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2. To collect the "Meteor Fragment" is the first thing you need to do in the Kunlun Wonderland, because it's the required item for triggering the boss fight. You just need to kill the normal mobs for collecting the Meteor Fragment. There are 4 kinds of normal mobs in this region: Ant King, Blue Fire, Orchid Demon, Hemophagia. All of them have very high rate to drop the Meteor Fragment.

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3. When you collect 100 Meteor Fragments, you will need to choose a boss as your target. Because there are 5 big bosses in the Kunlun Wonderland, each of them could drop a different Titan Orb. So there are 5 Titan Orbs: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, they are important material items for crafting the level 130 armor set: □Titan set. You don't need to farm all of them, because different □Titan gear piece might require different Orb. You can check the following table to know which Orb you need and which boss you need to defeat:

Titan Orb Mats for Npc Boss
Gold Orb  □Great Sage and □Lighting set  Bloody Devil Lady  Nirvana Autarch 
Wood Orb  □Chaos and □Phoenix Dance set  Tiger Guardian  Dark Justice 
Water Orb  □Black Fire and □Sunglow Wing set Abyss Witch  Lady Jin-Ling 
Fire Orb  □Moon Chaser and □Platinum Chi set  Dragon Guardian  Rancor General Chang 
Earth Orb  □Kylin Howl and □DoomGuard set  Survived Vampire  Yin-yang Dominator 

4. After you decide which boss to kill, you need to find the related Npc first according to the table above. Give the Meteor Fragments to the Npc, they will give you the Titan Gate Key, then you ask the Npc for opening the Titan gate with the key, when the gate is open, the boss will come immediately, finally it is the boss fight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there can be only one entity in the same time for each boss, so if you see other players fighting a boss, then DON NOT try to open the Titan gate for the same boss before it's dead.

Npcs and Bosses:

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2014-02-01 15-56-23
2014-02-01 16-05-08
2014-02-01 16-06-45
2014-02-01 16-10-56
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