2016 Reopen Annoucement

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First of all I must applogize to every previous ESO Zero player, because my dereliction of duty since 2014 March. It has couple of reasons for why I left at that time, but actually I hadn't done my best, I just gave up too easily and started to become irresponsible from that time. After several months of out of supports, the prevoius server finall became to ghost server.

To prevent same things to happen again, this time I will do my best to figure out some better ways and make a new flexible mechanis for long-term support. The related thoughts and plans will be put into this thread: Roadmap of Development.

The new server has already opened since 22th May 2016 9:00pm(UTC-5).

About the Reopen:

1. Reopening will bring a new server online in the first month, it's called "2016 Zero+" in the server selector, a new opened server in new version for everyone, a good choice to start over for our previous players.

2. The previous 2013 server will come back online in the next month, it's called "2013 Zero" in the server selector. The character database was corrupted by physical hard disk fault in 2014, lots of the characters data was damaged in the latest backup(2014 August), I'm still trying to repair it, if the repair failed, then I have to find out an earlier backup which is in perfect state to recover the 2013 server. I know lots of previous players have concern about their old characters, I believe most of your characters should be back when it's opened, but maybe not in the latest state when you quit in last time.

3. Previous 2013 ESO Zero server's players don't need to register again, your accounts are still same as before. If you forget your password, you can use Password Reset module to reset it.

4. You can choose to download the latest 1.5.2 full client or continue to use the previous 1.5 client. You can upgrade your old 1.5 client to the latest version with auto-update.

New Features from Reopening:
1. Add a new dungeon: Escape from Billows, for level 110~130. There is an intense esort mission in this dungeon, the main reward item is the "Relic Orb". The related guide will be post later on our website.
2. Add a npc: "Newbie Guide Chang-e" and several new quests to help the new players to learn the main features of our server.
3. Adjusted the level-up EXP requirement settings, now it's much faster to level-up after level 100+. Reduced the gold drop rate to 10x.
4. Improved the Vote Job system on the game launcher, there are 3 jobs can do now.
5. Add Player Stats system, the ESO players can check most of their in-game activities in this system, and PVP event data will be used for calculating a new propertie based on role: Warmonger Point(WP).
6. Add a new simple mod for better interaction between players called: Like & Dislike, everyone can use in-game chat to give "Like" or "Dislike" to the others(the guide will be post later).
7. Add GM Panel system, everyone can see GM team's in-game activity details in this system, and GM team can use this system to manage the ban list. This system will be helpful to GM team's staff changes.


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