Roadmap of Development

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Future Plan of Development:
2016/05/20 Updated

1. Add ESO Role Detail module for Player Stats system, it can display the specified role's detailed stats in webpage format. (3 days)
2. Add Event Generator module in the GM Panel system, the GM team can use it to apply for customize and schedule the game event they like, the GM can set multiple options for generate a custom event, then the system will handle the event's sign up or prize delivery according to GM's settings. Admin and GM team is also in charge of review and audit the event applications. (2 weeks)
3. Test and open the Bump Job system, then we can provide another new way for players to get free E-bucks, and also helpful for server's promotion. (3 days)
4. Add Facebook login function. (1 day)
5. Start to learn and adjust the TW winner reward settings for heat up the TW, this needs the community's suggestions. (1 week)
6. Expand the usefulness of Warmonger Point(WP) from the Player Stats system. (1 week)
7. Add more new tasks in the forum, the task objects will use the data of the Player Stats system, e.g "Complete Multiple Specified Quests in 24 hours", "Defeat 10 Warmongers". (1 week)
8. Add new Q&A module for the forum, it will work like "Ask for support" and "Answer for reward", the weekly top answerers will get additional medal or achievement rewards. (1 week)

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