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Since the 2016 new server come online, I add this new feature for the game: "Like & Dislike". You know on Youtube, the ppl can give this simple comment on any videos: Like or Dislike it  , and our feature is very similar to it, you can give such comment to the other people in the game. If you like someone, you give him/her a Like, if you hate someone, give a Dislike to him/her. And you can give different comments to a same person depend on different situations or mood. Whatever comment you give, whoever you comment for, whether or not to give, it's all your call, and it's anonymous. And don't forget, give Like/Dislike can bring you some E-cents.

1. The player's must reach level 90 for using this feature.
2. One character can give 3 Likes/Dislikes to 3 different character for the maximum per 24 hours.
3. There is another limit: interval of 3 days, when you want to give another Like/Dislike to a same character.
4. It's Anonymous, you can see the count of Like/Dislike you got in the Player Stats module, and the "reason" if there is, but can't know who gave to you.
5. You can't give to the other characters of the same account.
6. After you give a valid Like/Dislike, you will recieve a random number of E-cents. (10~50 E-cents)
7. If you get a Like/Dislike from others, you can see it in the Player Stats module, also you will recieve a notification mail in the game. (In development)

How to use:
1. When you want to give Like/Dislike, your character must be online in the game. Open any of the chat channels, send a message in correct format, then about 1~5 minutes later, the Player Stats module will recieve and save your comment. 
2. The format is: @[type]@[name]@[reason]

@ This is the required character that must have.
[type] Required. Comment type, it can be "like" or "dislike" or "love" or "hate", it's case-insensitive.
[name] Required. The character's name(IGN) who you want to comment on, it's case-sensitive, you'd better copy the exact name from the player info panel then paste.
[reason] Optional. You can write something short about why you give this Like/Dislike.
If I want to give a Dislike to Zero, I can input in the chat like this: @dislike@Zero@bugs never get fixed…
Or if I want to give a Like to Zero, I can input in the chat like this: @like@Zero@we got 10000+ players online tonight…
Or you can just give without a reason:  @HaTe@Zero

What's the point for using this feature:
For normal players:
I guess it can be interesting if we can see the anonymous comments from the others.
As I said above, give Like/Dislike will bring you some E-cents, but there can be more…
I will add some special forum tasks which could using the Like/Dislike statistics data, e.g Daily Task for getting a number of Likes, or Weekly Task for getting a number of comments and getting a good ratio of Like : Dislike…

For the GM team:
1. I hope you can give a simple Like to the GM if he/she assist you for something, and you also can give Dislike to the GM if you found any action of abuse of power.
2. Everyone can check the anonymous comment statistics for the GM team in the GM Panel module. And that can be a reference for knowing how the GM do for their job.
3. The GM can use the Likes that they recieved to apply for better reward items when they create and schedule a game event in the Event Generator module. (This feature is in development)

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