Beta 1.6 Release

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1. The previous 1.5x client is out of date now, please visit the download page to get the latest beta v1.6 client.
2. Because the new released v1.6 client contains too many new files for future features, and the v1.5 client's auto-update service can't handle such big patch, so everyone must re-download the v1.6 full client pack, sorry for the trouble.
3. From the beta v1.6, we add a new city called "Shura", you can teleport for free between Shura and Pokari City.
4. Add 3 new currency items: BerylRubySapphire. Use them to exchange for many useful HR items at Shura. By now, only the Snowman from Xmas event will drop Beryl and Ruby, in the next update, more world map mobs and dungeons will be able to drop these new currency items.
5. X-mas events are started, sorry for being so late, the events will end at January 10th:
(1) In Pokari City, it will spawn the official server's Xmas event npcs: "Snow Brother", "Santa Clause", "X'mas Snowman". They will provide some interesting quests for fun.
(2) In Shura(new city), it will spawn lots of Snowman, and a big Snowman King, defeat them for good loot. The Snowman King will summon the super imbue NPC after being defeated, and he will respawn again after 6 hours.
6. From now on, the custom new fashion items are having same fancy Particle Effects like their original version.
7. This is the last update for 2016, thank you for all the supports in 2016, I will pack up well, start to work harder for 2017, to bring more fun features for Ether Saga, and host more good game servers for everyone.

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